Bio: 40 something, young housewife. Madly in love with my husband of over 14 years. We met on a semi-blind date almost 15 years ago. My darling, loving husband proposed after only 7 weeks of dating and before he could even finish his "speech", I interrupted him and said Yes!! I even already had the date picked out. Yes, I had figured out, or thought I had figured out, that that night he was going to propose! We had God as the foundation of our relationship from day one! That is how we got through all the trials and tribulations we have gone through. Him and our many friends and family at our side, either literally or on the phone. I have always wanted to be a writer and also to have a blog. I am hoping to have a successful blog on here. I hope whatever I write on here captures peoples attention and they will follow me here. I love to write and put my feelings down on paper (or laptop as it is today. ha ha). I hope you enjoy this and I don't let anyone down!! Welcome and enjoy! 🙂

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